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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 4, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight, criminal charges in one of the biggest pharmaceutical disasters in u.s. history. a pharmacist linked to the deaths of 64 patients is arrested as he's about to leave the country. jim axelrod is on the story. violence erupts at that nashville detention center for jiewf nels just days after a mass breakout. mark strassman has the latest. a discovery of prehistoric proportions. don dahler with the greatest toe
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on earth. >> reporter: that's a tow. >> reporter: that's a toe. >> yes. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. if that's a toe, how big was a foot? >> pelley: and we'll remember joan rivers. >> dress by oscar de la renta. ( cheers and applause ) body by oscar myer. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. for more than 50 years, television made joan rivers one of the most familiar guests in america's living rooms. rivers died today in a new york hospital one week after she went into cardiac arrest at an outpatient clinic. the new york health department says that it is investigating the clinic in connection with her death. joan rivers was 81. her daughter melissa said:
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and in that spirit, we will look at how joan rivers made so many of us laugh a little bit later in the broadcast. but first, there is breakingne in a story that we have long been investigating. there has been an arrest in one of the biggest pharmaceutical disasters ever. at least 751 people came down with meningitis and other infections and 64 died after getting tainted steroid injections. those injections were produced by a boston compounding pharmacy. that is a pharmacy that makes custom drugs. well, today, a supervisor at that facility was arrested at logan airport as he was about to leave for hong kong. jim axelrod now on what he's accused of doing. >> reporter: tonight, glenn chin, who was head pharmacist for the new england compounding center, stands charged with one count of mail fraud for labeling
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steroids as sterile and safe for human use when he knew they weren't. f.d.a. investigators say chin instructed pharmacy technicians to mislabel medication to indicate it was properly sterilized and tested and fraudulently complete cleaning logs in the labs. the affidavit states the n.e.c.c. then shipped those tainted steroids to pain doctors in michigan, who unknowingly injected them into their patients. 217 got fungal infections, including meningitis in one clinic alone. joe connolly worked for chin as a lab tech at n.e.c.c. in an interview with scott pelley for "60 minutes," he says he warned his boss about the contamination risks. >> pelley: when you went to your supervisor and told him that, he said what? >> that's verbatim. he shrugged. that was his response for a lot of our questions or comments or
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concerns, was a shrug. >> reporter: one of the company's owners, barry cadden, also didn't appear worried about oversight from state inspectors when he spoke to his sales staff as n.e.c.c. started ramping up production. we obtained this internal training video. >> they have no clue. they go around, they're like, "oh, barry, the place looks great." i gotta go, a cup of coffee and they go out the door. really, that is what it is like. >> reporter: after hundreds were sickened in 20 states, federal inspectors shut down the company's plant west of boston after finding standing water, mold, and fungus. the lab was located in the same building as a recycling company, another business owned by cadden and his family. chin's arrest marks the first criminal charges but with the grand jury still consideringest after a nearly two-year investigation probably not the laft. mike sullivan say former united states attorney in boston. >> if i were kind of in that chain, that organizational chain, i would not be breathing a sigh of relief after reading
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that. i'd be-- continue to be concerned about whether or not i'm going to be implicated if i was anywhere in that chain. >> reporter: glenn chin's lawyer says his client was headed to hong kong with a roundtrip ticket to attend a family wedding and that his arrest at logan airport this morning was "ridiculous and a publicity stunt." >> pelley: we understand a grand jury is still deciding whether to file charges against others in the case. jim, thanks very much. today, a federal judge in new orleans ruled that b.p. was grossly negligent in the worst accidental oil spill in 11 workers were killed when a b.p. well blew out in 2010, spilling 176 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico. the judge put most of the blame on b.p. and said two other companies played smaller roles. the finding of gross negligence exposes b.p. to fines $20,000 nk
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shopping spree for her, $a 65,000 rolex for him, and luxurious vacations for both, including the use of a ferrari. in exchange, the prosecution successfully argued that the mcdonnells used their official positions as governor and first lady to promote williams' diet supplement business. mcdonnell's attorney henry absill says he was shocked. >> this fight is a long way from over. >> reporter: on the stand for five days, mcdonnell argued he could not have conspired with his wife because their marriage was so broken they barely spoke. he also blamed his wife for accepting many of the gifts leaving him in the dark. the jury apparently rejected those arguments. it is a dramatic fall for mcdonnell who ran for office as a families value conservative and was considered as a possible running mate for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he was even mentioned as a future presidential candidate himself. workers today when they
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blocked traffic during protests all around the country. this is los angeles. the workers are demanding union representation and pay raises to $15 an hour. restaurant owners have argued that raising wages that much would force them to raise prices and lay off workers. reinforcements are called in after juvenile offenders go on a rampage at a detention center in tennessee. and what do you suppose those nuns are going to do with those buckets? we'll show you when the cbs evening news continues adventure starts with knee pain. oor and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward!
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the world. >> reporter: hidden from sight for 77 million years, dreadnoughtus is now visible to all. don dahler, cbs news, philadelphia. >> pelley: an order of nuns that dates back to the 18th century heard the calling and answered. members in dublin, ireland, accepted the ice bucket challenge again and again to raise money to fight a.l.s. as it says in proverbs 25-- like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. in a moment, we'll remember comedian joan rivers. ♪ now centrum silver has a new easy-to-swallow coating... so the nutrients uber is blasting the dc
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taxicab commission for ticketing drivers employed by popular ride sharing groups uberx. i'll have that story coming up. we'll be tracking showers and thunderstorms on friday. i'll let you know if we have edissu a yellow alert for saturday. we'll tell you why. and first tonight, where did the defense go wrong after that guilty verdict for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. the federal trial with the soap opera details of the broken marriage came to the abrupt end today as they came back with the verdict just after a few days of deliberations. >> here is a quick look at how wee charges broke down as they re both found guilty on several wire fraud counts. and also the jury found bob guilty on all counts, marine guilty on four out of five. finally maureen found guilty of obstructing justice. overall found guilty on nine out of 13 counts. bob found guilty on 11 out of 13. well clearly


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